Volkswagen / Diesel ‘Defeat Device’ Claims

Are you entitled to compensation?

You may be entitled to compensation if you are:

  • A Volkswagen diesel car Owner,
  • A Company which owns Volkswagen diesels,
  • A Volkswagen Dealer, or
  • Simply a member of the public affected by pollution.

What is the nature of the problem?

Volkswagen sold its diesel cars on the basis that they were: (a) “clean” and produced low carbon dioxide (Co2) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions; and (b) fuel efficient, far more so than petrol models.

It seems that their claims were exaggerated because Volkswagen installed “defeat devices” within the cars which sensed when the car was being tested. This had the effect of dramatically improving the test results compared to real life driving.

Some estimates are that the offending cars emitted 40 times the allowed level of emissions. Many VW owners are disappointed with VW’s fuel efficiency claims which have been described as “too good to be true”.

11 million vehicles have been affected worldwide.

£4.8 billion has been set aside by VW to cover potential claims and fines.

What other vehicles may be affected?

The following brands are owned by Volkswagen: Audi, SEAT, Skoda, Bentley and Lamborghini. Some of these cars are likely to have the same or similar engines.

It is not clear, at this stage, whether other manufacturers are also affected.

Possible Claims

We have identified that there are various groups, people or businesses which are likely to have claims against Volkswagen:

  • Consumers

We believe that owners of affected vehicles may have claims against the Volkswagen group for breach of contract and/or misrepresentation and under consumer protection legislation.

Losses that could potentially be claimed include:

    • Depreciation in the value of your car.
    • Partial refund – you may have paid more for a “cleaner” or more “fuel-efficient” car only to find that it wasn’t so clean or fuel-efficient after all. You may have paid around £2,000 more for such as car as opposed to an alternative model e.g. a petrol equivalent.
    • Extra payments made for fuel over your period of ownership.
    • Disruption / loss of earnings as a consequence of recalls.
    • Many company car drivers may have to pay extra taxes based on the true CO2 emissions of the car.
  • Companies

Companies that acquired such cars in volume, for example fleet operators, may well have similar claims to consumers as set out above. Of course, the combined value of their claims may be significantly higher. In particular, the costs of disruption to the business for dealing with the issue, for example recalls, may be significant.

  • Dealers

Independent dealers may also have claims against Volkswagen. They will be in the front line of having to deal with the crisis and may suffer a significant downturn in business. Their claims could include:

(1)   Cost of administering recalls.
(2)   Loss of profits or expenses suffered as a consequence of the crisis.

  • General Public

It is estimated that in the UK approximately 23,000 premature deaths are attributable to NOx. NOx in the environment can lead to inflammation of lungs, asthma, bronchitis and an increased risk of heart attack and strokes. It appears that the vehicles may well have emitted other particulates which are harmful to health.

What should you do?

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