For many people this will be the most common offence and the majority of those people accept the points and fines without even viewing the evidence against them.  We at Vyman Solicitors have successfully defended many people by simply reviewing the evidence against them.

Should you instruct us we will prepare your papers putting them under close scrutiny and where necessary instructing experts on your behalf.

Sometimes of course there will be no defence and you will have to plead guilty.  However all is not lost even at that stage.  We could forward mitigation on your behalf which may limit the amount of points awarded and even in some cases avoid a disqualification by advancing exceptional hardship.

You will also face a financial penalty which will be means tested but can range from £100 to £2,500.

Points are dependent upon how far over the speed limit you were and the circumstances around the driving.  For example speeding outside a school would attract more points than speeding on an A road.  Below is the table which the sentencing Court would use as a guide when dealing with your case.