Motor Offence Pricelist

  • Initial Telephone Advice – FREE
  • 1st Appearance / Guilty Plea / Sentence – £300.00 + VAT.
  • Letter of Mitigation – This is a letter written to the Court by us, on your behalf, outlining your mitigation and any significant circumstances that will be relevant at your sentence hearing.
  • Office Appointment (up to 1 hour) – £100 + VAT
  • 1 Day Trial (including all preparation and meetings) – £1500 + VAT
  • Experts (any expert or specialist reports will be advised upon and discussed before instructing)

All fees can be paid in instalments but must be paid prior to the conclusion of any case. (Payment is by credit card).


Products/Services Price
Telephone Advice
Telephone initial advice

Appointment at our office
Come and see us at our spectacular offices in the historic dockyard in Chatham. The fee includes up to 1 hour consultation with a Senior Solicitor to fully discuss and advise you on the problem you have. After the consultation we will send you a letter or email confirming the advice given to you and a summary of your options including what are the next steps in dealing with your case.


Legal Advice by Post or Email
If you live outside Kent and cannot see us, then we can help you via email or telephone for up an hour.

Court Appearances AM or PM session
We appear with you at a court in a morning session

Written Letter on Sentence
If you have made a decision to plead guilty but do not want us to represent you in court, We can provide you with a letter to hand to the Court explaining what happened and persuading them to deal with your case as leniently as possible.


Pre Trial Work
Pre Trial work involves us helping you through the Trial process… Obtaining full details of the incident, clarifying all aspects of your account, advising you fully in relation to tactics, implications, and procedures to progress your case. Review and advise you on all procedural documents (to include all prosecution evidence, summons, photographic evidence, your documents etc.). Advising you on statement of Means. Preparing Defence Statement and/or bad character applications if required. Corresponding with court and Crown Prosecution Service, Reviewing and advising re character references. Preparing complete proof of evidence, covering all information required to assist your trial lawyer to presentyour case to court.

2 Day or More Trial Work
Acting on your behalf at trial
Court Appearances PM Session
We appear in Court with you in a PM session
Court Appearance Full Day
Full day Court appearance by us with you.
Cancelled/Missed Appointment
Cancellation/missed external appointment
Hourly Rate
Hourly Rate

1 Day Trial
Acting on your behalf at your trial. Including all negotiations with court clerk and prosecutor prior to trial commencing, dealing with any procedural issues, cross examination of prosecution witnesses including experts making half time submission of no case to answer (if appropriate), Taking all defence witnesses through their evidence in court, dealing with any re-examination questions following Prosecutors cross examination ,submitting defence closing speech to take account of all evidence heard during the trial, to dealing with post-verdict procedures etc.

In addition third party fees to instruct experts
Enquiry agents etc. will be added in addition