Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Reputation. We have developed a pre-eminent reputation for resolving commercial disputes successfully. Our litigation solicitors have a proven track record for achieving excellent results on behalf of the clients.

Philosophy. We recognise the particular stresses and strains which litigation brings. Our philosophy is to resolve disputes practically with minimum cost and inconvenience and maximum effectiveness. Therefore, if you ask for our assistance, we aim to assist you to find the best solution swiftly and effectively.

We are also experienced in attending Arbitrations and Mediations with the aim of settling disputes in the most cost-effective way. We have successfully negotiated many settlements for both individuals and businesses.

If, however, litigation is the only solution, our highly dedicated and experienced team are ready to fight hard for you. We will, of course, at the outset, assess the case and advise you as to the merits of the case. We are then able to tailor a strategic plan with you with the aim of achieving the desired result. The plan will be reviewed throughout the case. Throughout the litigation process we will be available to support you.

We have developed a strong network we can work with to help our clients to resolve disputes effectively. We have good contacts with a number of experts and highly sought after barristers.

Our litigation and dispute resolution expertise includes:

  • Shareholders & Partnership Disputes. We have particular experience in shareholder and partnership disputes, otherwise known as ‘business divorces’. In particular, we have advised clients on unfair prejudice petitions in the Companies Court, minority shareholder actions and other procedures involved in the breakup of a partnership.
  • Property Disputes. Disputes can arise in connection with property transactions. For example, it may be alleged that sale details were misrepresented. Sometimes, joint-venture agreements turn sour. In the case of property development, disputes can arise between owners, developers, and contractors. We can assist you with such matters.
  • Landlord and Tenant Disputes. We have acted for landlords and tenants in relation to, for example, dilapidations, forfeiture of leases, breaches of covenant, section 146 notices, and so on.
  • Contractual disputes. We have dealt with all manner of contractual disputes, for example, relating to commission agreements, joint ventures, property matters, sale of goods, and so on.
  • Professional Negligence. Our Litigation Team has experience in handling a range of professional negligence claims. Our expertise includes cases involving, Accountants, Barristers, Insurance brokers, Solicitors, Surveyors and valuers.
  • Enforcement. If you are a Claimant, at the outset of any claim, it is important that enforcement is considered. There is no point commencing a claim if there is little chance of making a recovery. We are able to advise on the enforcement remedies that may be available to you in the event that you are successful.