Employment Cases

We acted for an employee who  was employed as a manager for a Company. He was dismissed after he took a van without authority to attend a party of another manager. Consequently, he was dismissed.

It was discovered that several other managers had borrowed vans for unauthorised purposes. However, these other managers had not been dismissed.

Vyman Solicitors persuaded the Employment Tribunal that the employee had been unfairly dismissed. He was awarded compensation for unfair dismissal in the region of £70,000.

Subsequently, at a Remedies hearing Vyman Solicitors also obtained an order that the employee should be re-engaged.

The company refused to re-engage the employee, although he showed up for work on the appointed date for his return.

Following some fruitless negotiations the case was bought back to the Employment Tribunal. The employee was awarded an additional award for the failure by the Company to re-engage him. He was also awarded a figure in relation to his costs.

Given that orders of re-engagement and of costs by Employment Tribunals are very rare this was a notable result.