Criminal Cases

In recent times we have undertaken work on behalf of the accused in a number of prominent, serious cases before the Courts with the following successful verdicts:

R v P – Alleged 2 handed murder in the Dartford area.  Victim stabbed multiple times.  P acquitted of murder but convicted of manslaughter.

R v C – Allegation of Section 18 GBH involving 2 friends living together in the same flat.  C is alleged to have seriously injured V, causing life threatening injuries, by stabbing him in the stomach, following a drunken argument.  C was acquitted.

R v H – Allegations of serious sexual abuse committed over a number of years upon granddaughter with learning difficulties.  8 Count indictment with acquittals in 4 and convictions in the others.

R v A – Allegation of rape committed upon an ex-partner.  Defendant pleaded guilty in light of expert DNA evidence.

R v W – £145,000.00 fraud/theft from employer.  W pleaded guilty and received an 18 month prison sentence.

R v C – NHS price fixing fraud relating to contracted building works within the NHS.  Further to the start of the trial C and others were all acquitted.


R v A – Female defendant charged with x2 Racially Aggravated Section 4 and a Racially Aggravated Common Assault outside of school.   Despite the strength of the Prosecution Evidence and the independent witnesses was acquitted of all charges.

R v P – P charged with failing to provide specimen of breath.  After trial and successful XX as to the procedure adopted by the police P was acquitted.

R v X – We represented the youth charged with offences when he foolishly attempted to grab the Olympic Torch as it made its way through Kent.  This was clearly a nationwide matter and had to be dealt with the utmost professionalism from the initial attendance at the police station through to conclusion.

R v E – A youth charged with x2 Common Assaults on ticket inspectors.  The youth was alleged to have assaulted the inspectors on a train after an argument regarding a train fare.  Having closely examined the CCTV footage and subsequently made written submissions to the Crown prior to the trial date the case was withdrawn and the client formally acquitted.