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Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Acting for individuals, families, estates, trusts and family businesses, Vyman can assist with legal issues relating to Wills, Trusts and ownership of property, and Probate.

We specialise in:

We are experienced in drafting Wills and ensuring that your legacy is passed on to your loved ones or the charities of your choice. A Will provides assurance and guides those who you leave behind. If you do not leave a Will then the government will decide who benefits from your estate and in what proportions.

Vyman are here to help provide you with practical and affordable Wills and Probate advice to direct your assets and business interests to those you wish. You may make specific gifts of cash, or specific items to named individuals or to a charity of your choice. You can also express your funeral wishes. If you have minor children you can also set out who you would like to act as their guardians on your death. You can help avoid family disputes, reduce or minimise inheritance tax and reduce financial and other problems for beneficiaries.

It is a good idea to review an existing Will at least every three to five years to keep it in line with any changes in your family or financial circumstances and any changes in the law.

We work with accountants and financial advisers to implement plans drawn up to deal with estates in a tax efficient manner.

We have experience of drawing up and filing Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) so that a person’s affairs can be dealt with in the event of mental incapacity. There are two types of LPA: (1) property and financial affairs and (2) health and social welfare.

The legal process of administering a deceased person’s estate whether there is a Will or not is called Probate. We have extensive experience of obtaining grants of Probate or letters of administration and dealing with deceased estates. We also have experience of obtaining Probate where the person involved has foreign assets.

We understand that disputed Wills and estates can be very stressful. Our experts will work closely with you to bring any dispute to a favourable resolution quickly and cost-effectively. Find out more on Dispute Resolution.

Trusts can be used for a number of purposes such as tax planning and the protection of assets and family members. We can advise and assist on the creation of settlements, either during your lifetime or in your Will. We are also experienced in dealing with the ongoing administration and running of Trusts.

Contentious Probate is any dispute with respect to the administration of a deceased person’s estate, be it a dispute over the value of the deceased’s assets, the interpretation of a will, or dealing with difficult executors or beneficiaries disagreeing over their share of the deceased’s estate. Our litigation team can assist with all aspects of contentious Probate matters. Read more on Dispute Resolution

The legal process for obtaining Probate and administering an estate can normally be completed within a year, though in some cases the process may become protracted due to the complexity of the deceased’s estate and tax position. Our Probate department can advise and assist on all aspects of estate administration.

For all enquires relating to Wealth Management, please call 020 8427 9080 or email  info@vyman.co.uk